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Instrument Technology Research Center

Founded in 1974, Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) has been known as a pioneer in vacuum and optics technologies and is now dedicated to the development of frontier instrument technology platform for fulfilling goals of national technology policy and needs of industrial economic development.

With a sophisticated service platform for advanced instrument applications, ITRC aims to bridge the academia and industry, providing innovative engineering prototyping and customization. ITRC's long-term prospect is to encourage and commercialize pioneering scientific ideas for the emerging industry as well as to promote academic research for the country and industry economic benefits.

  • To promote the R&D of instrument technology and its applications in compliance with national S&T policies
  • To participate in national S&T program and support the R&D of national laboratories
  • To promote instrumentation engineering, maintenance of instrument resource banks, and talent cultivation
Core Technologies and Facilities
  • Instrument System Integration
  • Large Aperture Optical Polishing and Metrology
  • Precision Optical/ Mechanical Machining and Inspection
  • Remote Sensing Instrumentation
  • Electro-optics Inspection and Measurement
  • Advanced Thin Film Coating
  • Micro Fabrication & Characterization
  • Remote sensing instrument (RSI): accomplishing its primary mirror, secondary mirror, correct lens and multispectral band-pass filter array for FORMOSAT-5.
  • Precision optics and mechanic components: accomplishing micro lens array mold insert, illumination lens of pico-projector, laser beam shaping module, large aperture reflection mirror, etc as well as investing in semiconductor device fabrication and automatic optical inspection equipment exploitation.
  • Advanced thin film technologies and nanofabrications: developments of atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems and in-situ monitoring modules as well as technology transfer to assist domestic companies to develop next-generation equipment.
  • Opto-electro remote sensing system: accomplishing multispectral imager and hyperspectral imager as well as assisting the government doing environmental monitoring, precision agriculture research and disaster forecast and promulgate instrument exploitation.
  • Graphical human-machine interfaces and instrument integration: providing customization and various innovative instruments exploitation as well as assisting the academia ndustrializing its innovation and creating economic value added.


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